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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Lithograph?

The technique of lithography is a complex and highly skilled process in which a series of images are made on a special surface, either a plate or limestone. Each plate holds only one color of the full image and after treating the plate and applying great pressure, the image is transferred to paper. This process is repeated with each plate until all the colors and images from all the plates, in the proper order, are printed onto the paper, creating an original piece of art called a lithograph. A lithograph is an original work of art because it creates a new product. Even if the lithograph was inspired by an oil painting, watercolor or other media, it is not a reproduction but a translation of that work into the medium of lithography.

In the true spirit of the word "limited" each of the Tony Bennett lithographs has been produced in a select quantity of only a few hundred, and the plates were destroyed after each print in the series was printed, numbered and signed in pencil by the artist.

What Is a Giclée?

"Giclée," from the French word that means to spray, is a process of print-making that eliminates the use of screens or mechanical devices to avoid any visible dot screen pattern. Pioneered in the late 1970s through the use of 4-color ink jet printers, technology has now advanced the process so that prints are created with multiple color inkjet printers providing an enhanced color quality. The current giclée process also provides superior color accuracy than other methods of reproduction and creates images of incredible detail and vibrancy.

Giclée prints can be reproduced on a variety of surfaces, the most popular being archival paper and canvas and can be created to almost any size. Our giclées are printed on high quality archival watercolor paper (Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper).

Like our lithograph prints, each of the Tony Bennett giclées has been produced as a limited edition in a select quantity of a few hundred. Each was printed, numbered and signed in pencil by the artist.

How Much Are Shipping and Handling Costs?

For shipment of original works, please contact Benedetto Arts directly, as costs vary according to size, frame weight (where applicable), and the final destination of the work.

For shipment of prints within the contiguous United States, shipping charges for lithographs and silk-screens are $40 per tube; maximum 2 prints per tube. Shipping charges for giclées are $35 per tube; maximum 2 giclées per tube.

For shipment of prints to other territories please contact Benedetto Arts directly for costs.

Be advised, purchases by New York residents are subject to NY Sales Tax.

What Is Benedetto Arts' Return Policy? What Are the Terms of Purchase?

All sales are final

Reproduction rights are reserved by the Artist. The purchaser hereby acknowledges and agrees that he/she is only purchasing and acquiring title to the purchased work of art itself; all other rights herein, including the copyright and the right to license reproductions thereof, will be reserved and retained by the Artist. Artist further reserves the right to photograph sold works of art for the sole purpose of reproduction.

Where Can I View Tony's Paintings in Person?

Benedetto Arts is an online gallery only. Unfortunately there is no physical gallery in which to view Tony's paintings. For more information, please contact Sandi Rogers: